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31 Mar

I Like Bikes — Brooks

Not only do Barb and I enjoy living in and maintaining an historic home, I enjoy rehabbing old bikes.  Old road bikes from the 1960’s – 1990’s are one specialty area.  Fat tire cruisers from around WWII are another period of bikes I really like.  Any rehabbed bike gets taken clear down to the frame and it gets cleaned and polished.  All the components get de-rusted or replaced with good stock replacements. New grease in the bottom bracket and headtube.  New cables and housings along with new tires and tubes as needed complete the process.  I love the rolling works of art these classic bikes are and when finished they make me smile – smile because something that was trashed has been made new; smile, because someone gets the chance to ride a vintage bike.  Several of the bikes are available for our guests to enjoy on the Huntington area bike routes and trails.  Check out some of these beauties:

IMG_0347 IMG_1066 IMG_1096