About Us

The Purviance House

Our stately Italianate family home was built in 1859 by Samuel H. Purviance.  An inspirational civic leader and successful businessman, Samuel Purviance was widely known as a kind and generous man.  Samuel and Elizabeth Purviance, their nine children and their heirs owned and called the Purviance House home for over 100 years.  As the current stewards of the Purviance House, we invite you to enjoy a legacy of warm Huntington hospitality.

History of Huntington

Huntington is our home.  Barb’s family goes back at least three generations on both sides.  Brooks’ family goes back to the early 1950’s when his parents met as students at Huntington University.  We came back to Huntington in the late 1990’s to raise our three daughters here.

Huntington is a welcoming community that celebrates the creative arts, education, outdoor activity and history.

In the earliest days, Miami Indians and French Traders did business at the Forks of the Wabash on the west edge of town.  In 1848 Huntington became a town and in 1873 was organized as a city.  Huntington has a rich history and bright future, as a center of higher learning, a transportation hub, a plentiful supply of limestone, and a population of people who know how to work hard and enjoy life.

Today Huntington is experiencing a revival of sorts.  A river greenway and expanding network of trails is being built along the Little River and the old Erie Railroad Corridor.  Downtown Huntington is host to numerous destination restaurants and pubs.  Historic neighborhoods of architectural distinction are reemerging – Hawley Heights, Drovertown, Old Plat, and North Jefferson districts showcase some of the most outstanding homes of days gone by.

We love Huntington and believe you will too — there is so much to see and do!

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